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 Naturally grey! Maybe you are aging gracefully & want to add length and/or volume to your tresses. Or perhaps you are a trendsetter like Mary J. Blige or Rihanna & want to make a statement with a new look, our "50 Shades of Grey Collection" has you covered. All bundles are 3.5oz -4oz. Priced per bundle. 

You can cut, color and curl Cia Kett Beauty Hair Extensions.


The Silver Foxx Grey is a striking silver grey. It is designed for you to stand out in the crowd. This is not a subtle color. As this is natural grey donor hair, it is not unlikely to find blonde strands as well. Natural grey hair often has a blonde  overcast. Each bundle is unique. Variations  of color & texture is common and we can not guarantee matches or specific color  preferences. 

Virgin Hair Extensions

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