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Family Owned Company in Texas

our story

My name is Cia Kett, I am the founder and CEO of Cia Kett Beauty. I grew up watching hairstylists in my family run their businesses, and I noticed something… all of the hair products that our community was buying – we weren’t selling.That didn’t sit right with me.

Cia Kett Beauty began with the idea that if people of color are spending billions of dollars on beauty products, we should also have ownership in the businesses that sell those products. Furthermore, those products should be of the highest quality and delivered with world-class customer service.


We created the Cia Kett Beauty Hair Extensions platform so that the salons and hairstylists in our community could be the retailers of these products, allowing their customers to shop in a dignified way, while receiving the best products and service for their hard-earned money.

The path of entrepreneurship is difficult, but there is no better reward – nothing more beautiful, than living life independently and on your own terms. This is what I want for my community, and Cia Kett Beauty is my way of supporting that.


Happy Shopping!

Cia Kett Beauty,
CEO Cia Kett

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